Scenario Three: Solving America's National Debt, Social Entitlements and Economic Problems


Scenario Three is a father’s fascinating explanation of the political discord in Washington, DC. Mr. Alan Simpson and Mr. Erskine Bowles’ proposal of reducing the national debt up to $5.2 trillion over a decade is disputed. Terence has a formula, and plan to pay this debt by $1.5 trillion each year over the next twelve years. A flat tax table and a solution to the Affordable Care Act are included. Both father and daughter gauge the role corporations, the people, and government must play in this process while entitlement programs are protected. 

It takes an act of Congress to slove the National debt. Wall street created the mess they can fix it. Three to six trillion dollars (depending if it's a short trading day), trades on the indicies daily. The formula may start with a flat fee on all types of stocks and traded entities. A set fee of $3.00 for each transaction bought and sold is best so the customer doesn't absorb the cost. 

Scenario one: Congress and president Obama emphatically cannot agree on solving economic problems without procrastination. When government becomes destructive, the people must institute new government. What are these erudite politicians teaching students like Katherine?

Scenario two: Critical media reports are repetitive, as barrages of their guests generate discussions while debating with cynicism what has been said and by whom?

Scenario three: Solving America's national debt, social entitlements, and economic problems is a balanced approach to privatize or subordinate America's debt with workable ideas while reforming tax codes. I find imposing a penalty on Americans refusing health coverage is against their freedom of choice. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 giving secretaries fair wages and equal retirement pension from large banks, private firms, and Wall Street companies, as I know it is mostly nonexistent. Read more

About Terence Rajendra Ramnarine and Katherine Renee Ramnarine

Terence Rajendra Ramnarine has lived in three countries on three different continents within his lifetime hence the title "Scenario Three". 

Many people are mislead by politicians over NAFTA. This North American free trade agreement with our neighbors to the North and South isn't just about jobs but of the baby boom generation whereby an increase in population has occurred. The U.S had about 270 million people in 1996; today the total is about 322 million. That's an increase of 52 million people in twenty years. Population growth by the next century is estimated to be over 400 million. Read more


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Katherine is now twenty years of age and will be voting in the 2020 Presidential election. Read more

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